Our in-house program empowers health care teams to lead through disruption.

We believe that to go far, we should go together. Our goal is to amplify your current efforts by helping you to identify your needs―and sourcing solutions that can improve efficiency, effectiveness and easily integrate into your existing processes and workflows.

We are pleased to offer virtual training options during COVID-19 so that your team can still benefit from learning together. Additionally, some of our courses are now available in French.

The benefits of training in your work place

The benefits of training in your work place

Build the skills of individuals while also strengthening the skills, capacity and impact of your entire health care team―not just physicians. 

Individual participants will benefit from:

  • More opportunities to apply their newly learned skills together.
  • And working with other team members to solve challenges related to their own context.

Your entire team will benefit from:

  • A learning experience tailored to your organization’s particular needs.
  • Personalized learning paths to develop the skills needed to meet your unique organizational objectives.
  • Convenience, reduced travel-related costs and time.
Tailored or customized to suit your team’s needs

Tailored or customized to suit your team’s needs

We will work with you to tailor our current PLI courses to assist with specific challenges happening locally or within your team. This could also include adjusting the length of a course or adapting the agenda.

Fully customized
Based on your organization’s needs, we’ll partner with you to determine the content, delivery methods and features of your program. A customized program could include features such as:

  • Leadership assessments
  • Face-to-face* and/or facilitated online content
  • Action learning projects (individual or group)
  • Leadership coaching
  • Networking opportunities

*face-to-face is not available at this time due to COVID-19


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Why choose the Physician Leadership Institute?

All courses are developed and delivered by our esteemed faculty ―physician leaders and industry experts. Our courses are also accredited by the Royal College , the College of Family Physicians of Canada with a practical application of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework for your workplace.

“Through this program participants learn integrative thinking and collaborative decision-making which positions them for success in both formal and informal leadership work.”


Nancy MacCready-Williams
CEO, Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS)