COVID-19 is putting unprecedented pressures on medical professionals and health care systems. This learning series is intended to provide expert support and guidance to help physicians and medical learners cope.

Coping during COVID-19: expert webinar series


About the host

Dr. Jillian Horton is a general internist and is leading the development of new physician wellness courses for CMA Joule. She’s completed chief wellness officer training at Stanford University and mindfulness training at the University of Rochester. She writes and podcasts regularly for CMAJ and Medscape and hosts a medical speakers series at the National Arts Centre. Her book on physician burnout, “We Are All Perfectly Fine”, was released by HarperCollins Canada in February.

Episode 1

Making virtual care work for you


Dr. Mark Dermer
Join us for a conversation with Dr. Mark Dermer, a virtual care expert, to learn how to integrate virtual care into your practice. He will provide practical tips on technology needs, good “webside” manner, and best practices for an effective virtual consult.

Episode 2

Managing isolation and building resilience


Dr. Bob Thirsk

Many front-line physicians are self-isolating to avoid potential infection of their families and colleagues. Former Canadian Space Station astronaut Dr. Bob Thirsk will share approaches used by the Canadian Space Agency for dealing with isolation during high-stress situations.

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Episode 3

Maintaining high performance in times of stress


Jason Brooks

Join us for a conversation with Jason Brooks, a performance psychologist who works with physicians, to learn some ways physicians can sustain their energy − both mentally and physically − during times of crisis.

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Episode 4

Running on empty: Staying healthy during difficult times


Maryam Hamidi

As a member of the Stanford Medicine WellMD & WellPhD Center team, Maryam Hamidi leads initiatives that promote well-being and a culture of wellness. She will share practical tips on how to manage nutrition and sleep during times of high stress and heavy workload.

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Episode 5

Moral distress: When core values are at stake


Roméo Dallaire

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians may be faced with overwhelmingly difficult decisions. Retired Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire will share his perspective on how to approach moral distress in times of crisis and strategies he used in his military career to protect his core values.

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Episode 6

Grief and loss: lessons from a war zone


Roméo Dallaire

As hospitals become flooded with critically ill patients, health care professionals are witnessing extreme levels of loss and grief. In part two of a conversation with Retired Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire, he will reflect on his war zone experience and what he learned about surviving suffering.

Episode 7

Building resilience in times of uncertainty


Dr. Ron Epstein

Grounding his work in academic theory, mindfulness expert Dr. Ron Epstein will explore how mindfulness practice can be used by physicians to manage stress and build resilience in times of uncertainty.

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Episode 8

Keeping children safe


Dr. Jared Bullard

Dr. Jared Bullard, paediatrician and infectious disease expert, will share advice on discussing COVID-19 with children, reducing their anxiety, and tips on helping them safe and healthy.

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Episode 9

Preparing for the unknown: mental readiness lessons from the military


Dr. Stephanie Smith

Building on her crisis care experience in the Canadian Forces, first-year resident Dr. Stephanie Smith will explain the mental readiness model she learned in the military, and how it can be used to manage the stressors facing physicians today. 

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Episode 10

Compassionate leadership in times of crisis


Michael West

COVID-19 has upended health systems around the world. Organizational psychologist Michael West will explain the principles of compassionate leadership, and how medical leaders can use this model to overcome some of the hurdles they’re facing.

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Episode 11

Taking stock during times of high stress: identifying risk factors and red flags


Dr. Michael Kaufmann

In times of high stress, it can be difficult to remember what “normal” feels like. A specialist in addiction medicine and physician wellness, Dr. Michael Kaufmann shares strategies for recognizing our own vulnerability, red flags and risk factors and when they can lead to problematic behaviours.   

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